Your Membership Dollars At Work

Your membership dollars gets you more than just a membership, it empowers us.

Yup, you walk in, sign up at the front desk, pay us and you are on your way. Easy breezy. Well, not quite. Here’s what those membership dollars do while you are getting in or staying in the best shape of your life. Your membership dollars:

1. Help pay the bills. After all, this is a business.

2. Help to sponsor an additional orphan child from a third world country each and every year. We are now up to seven.

3. Help us to provide a local family in need at Christmas time with a substantial gift of grocery dollars and gifts for their children.

4. Help to provide our members with a Summer Family Barbeque with food, drinks and fun.

5. Help to provide our members with free monthly seminars like the “Start Right” class, the “Strength Training with Machines” class, the “Strength Training with Free Weights” class, the “Nutrition” class, the new “Stretching” class coming soon, and our guest speaker series coming soon also. All for you… charge.

6. Help to provide and maintain the 24 hour access system for your convenience.

7. Help us continue to provide our members with a top notch health club and the opportunity to continue to look for more ways to improve our services and our facility like our recent renovations and our defibrillator.

We truly want all of our members to be proud members. Not only proud of themselves for choosing to exercise regularly and take care of themselves, but also to be proud of us as owners for what we do with your membership dollars on your behalf.

Thank you for being a member of our club.