Member Spotlight : Emma Reece

Emma was introduced to exercise at just 10 years old. She attended the YMCA and did
some exercise there, mainly using the elliptical and some leg machines. Then COVID hit
and shut everything down. During that time, she was home, doing online schooling, no
longer exercising and finding herself eating and snacking a lot. Over a couple of years of
this, she gained weight and it was starting to take a toll on her mental health.

“I could fit into my mom’s clothes, and I seen other fit people that just seemed to be
happier, and I wasn’t happy being bigger.”

Now at 13, this realization got her thinking about getting back into exercise, and at that
time her dad was already attending G&M Fitness and he told her she should try it out.

“I really liked how much variety in equipment there was and how much more I could do
here so I decided to stay.”

Originally Emma’s goal was to lose body fat but didn’t really keep track of weight loss.
She just wanted to look and feel better.

“I went from wearing XL clothing to now a small or extra small. I had to get a whole new

Needless to say, she accomplished her goal and says she is happier with herself and has
gained a lot of confidence.

“The person I was before would not have been comfortable even doing this interview
but now I’m happy to do it.”

When she first started, she had a hard time running and would get out of breath quickly
but now says she feels like she can run forever and even has some races coming up.

“Going forward I am definitely going to stick with regular workouts and eating healthy
consistently. Consistency is the key. You have to keep going or you won’t see the

Emma says that had she not decided to start exercising again that she would still not be
eating well, would have gained more weight and her mental health would be suffering.
Instead, she looks and feels better than ever!

To others out there who may be in the same situation she was in before she started or
are thinking of getting started exercising, she says, “It’s not as scary as you think starting
at the gym. There are others here just like you starting out as well.”

At just 15 years old Emma has already accomplished a lot. She enjoys working out so
much that she now would like to pursue a job in the health and fitness field, being able
to help others!

What an amazing and inspiring story. Congratulations Emma!