Kathy Dionne

“On Sunday afternoon I was thinking about what to say and how to say it for this particular article. At the time it seemed like a daunting task. Finally, I just started to write down words and feelings that I associated with my time and experiences at G&M Fitness. I knew, or at least I assumed, that this write up should be about fitness, but the first words I wrote down on my reference sheet were not just about building muscles, strength and tone but were about building friendships, about socializing, laughing a lot and my personal favourite, talking. All of these things occurring simultaneously with the many wonderful people I encounter every day at G&M.

The environment at G&M, the management and the support staff are all important parts of what makes this gym an excellent venue for developing fitness, building strength, flexibility, long term wellness and friendships into our lives. It is a place that is welcoming and accommodating to all who come through its doors. It is a non-judgmental environment regardless of your age, gender, size, ability, disability or walk of life. Young, old and in-between interact, for the most part, in a spirit of friendliness, co-operation and respect. As a senior, I am so glad to see and experience such positive interactions among the members of all age groups and walks of life. It is truly a melting pot of activity. The atmosphere at G&M is also very important. It is often a busy place but yet somehow I find it calming. There are always staff or gym members willing to help if and when you need it.

The gym itself is spacious, clean and very well equipped. People here really seem to care about each other which is undeniably a very good thing indeed. Each day I look forward to my time at the gym and to the many wonderful people I encounter each and every time.

But now, before I close, I must take a line or two to thank my brother and long time member, Art Weaver, for encouraging and convincing me to join G&M Fitness. Being a member has changed my life in so many wonderful, positive ways. Thanks brother, dear. I am so glad that for once, I took your advice.

Finally, to all of you, (you know who you are I hope) “THANK YOU” for the journey so far. It’s been great! I hope we have many more years together celebrating our friendships and our common goals of fitness and wellness and as well as all the other positive things that come from our association as active members at G&M Fitness.

Thank you to Gino and Matt for bringing G&M to our community. I hope you know that you are appreciated.”