What has exercise done for you lately?

Since returning to the club on a more regular basis now, I’ve had the opportunity to once again, stop and chat with many of our members. One member in particular stopped and chatted with me one day and the only thing I could think of saying to him after he was finished was “I wish I had a recording of what you just said”. Sometimes, something that is so obvious and makes so much sense isn’t even realized by you until someone points it out. He was kind enough to send us a brief summary of what he said to me that day so I could share it with you. Pay particular attention to the bolded type at the end.

“The day I walked in the doors at G&M Fitness I was unhealthy and unhappy. I had a resting heart rate of about 80bpm. When I spoke with Matt I had one goal in mind and that was heart health. I want to live a long life and have many years with my 2 boys and my wife. Today, a couple years later my resting heart rate is now 57bpm which falls in the category of athlete… I can tell you this: I went from unhealthy and unhappy to being stronger than I have ever been and having amazing heart health and being very happy with myself. This is not just great for me but also great for my family. My boys and my wife can see how truly happy I am…. you can be bigger and still be healthy and the key to that is definitely exercise. As Gino told me “Be the best you” and he is absolutely right.

Cool aye! We seldom think how our health, how we feel physically, emotionally, mentally can affect the other important people in our lives. Here is a prime example of how exercise can most definitely help you, but more importantly sometimes, how it can have a positive effect on others in your life.


Can I Really Eat Anything I Want?

Over the last week or two I have had a few members asking about diets, what foods to eat or avoid and how to deal with cravings of certain “bad” foods they enjoy. It’s actually a question we get a lot so let’s tackle it here.

First, on the topic of diets, I would say there really isn’t a specific “diet” that we would recommend. What we recommend is learning how to eat properly, what a real portion size is and how much you should be eating in terms of calories depending on your specific situation and goals. There is a really good book about this called “Eat Smart, Eat Often, Eat Small” that you can download free right above this article. Ask yourself, “is the way I am eating sustainable and can I see myself doing this for the rest of my life?” This is where typical “diets” fall short. They are usually a short-term solution. They work, no doubt about that, but for most of us are not sustainable for the long term and therefore not a real solution.

Is there a way of eating that still allows you to eat what you want?

To this I would say yes! The catch is that it can’t be whenever you want. If you are eating well 80% of the time, there is nothing wrong with indulging in some of your favourite foods that might be a less than optimal once in a while. A couple tips on this:

  • When you do indulge, be mindful of how much you are eating. 2 slices of pizza will not stop your progress but 6 might. And you won’t feel good either.
  • Think ahead and include the calories from this less than optimal choice in your regular meal time and into your overall calories for the day.
  • Don’t feel guilty. Eat it and move on, picking right back up again on your normal healthy eating choices.

The key is moderation in dealing with eating foods that are of the “bad” choice column. Remember the 80/20 rule. If you are eating well the majority of the time, one indulgence here or there won’t make a difference, because remember, you will be eating this way for the rest of your life! Over the long term you will be healthier, and feel and look amazing.

Another big tip is to keep your metabolism high by making strength training a regular part of your routine as well. The higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn throughout the day.

So yes, you can eat whatever you want, as long as it is not whenever you want and it’s in moderation. It’s the key to long term success and happiness! For a more complete picture make sure you download the SOS Book!

Take pride in what you do.

Over the course of my life, I’ve been constantly reminded through my upbringing that one should take pride in everything you do and also in everything you have. Take care of things so they last, fix things that are broken, keep things neat, tidy and organized, etc. etc. That’s how I was brought up, so is the story of my life and why I am how I am. It bothers me to no end when I see things that are disorganized, dirty, and neglected.

Sloppy workmanship is just plain unacceptable to me. I may be guilty of that once in a while myself, I’m human, but it bothers me nevertheless. Laziness, well, I just can’t tolerate it. I’ve found from years of experience, that if you don’t inspect what you expect, things tend to fall apart quite quickly and people tend to take advantage of the fact that they are not being held accountable.

Case in point: G&M Fitness Health Club. The only club in the Niagara Region that opened more than 30 years ago that is still running successfully. Why? Three words: PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP.

After 33 years in business, I still walk through my club with the utmost pride. Pride in how far we’ve come, pride in the genuinely good people on our staff, pride in my loyal members and pride in my son Matt. I may be a picky bastard most of the time, but for good reason. My pride in our club has never been stronger. I can only hope that because of how we run our club, you, our members are just as proud to be members as I am to be the owner.

As we wrap up this recent renovation, I am already planning for more improvements and services yet to be incorporated…..all in due time.

The speaker series that we’ve started is another service that we’ve included in your membership that I’m very proud of. As I spend more and more time at the club, and watch members train, especially the younger ones, I’m reminded of all of the training mistakes I made as a young weight lifter, and so I’ve put together an instructive class in order to address those mistakes that are commonly made in the gym. This Thursday is when I’ll be presenting it and I hope to see a lot of the youngsters there so I can help them get the most out of their training and avoid all of the common mistakes made when training.

My next one will take place in May. It will be a “hands on” workshop that will take place on the floor in order to go through the proper technique for all of the most common exercises. In closing, I’d like to thank each and every member of our club for your continued support and sometimes patience. I am grateful to have you all as members of my club, and proud of you for knowing how important it is to maintain good health.

With pride and sincerest thanks,


What Are The Best Exercises?

There are literally hundreds of different exercises you can do and incorporate into your regular exercise routine. Some are better then others, and some we see are ridiculous and useless. We want you to use your time wisely and efficiently in the gym. To get the most out of your workout routine you want to incorporate exercises that will build strength in functional everyday movements so that you will not only look better, but perform and feel better doing everyday tasks. Here are the exercises/movements we would recommend.

  1. Bent and Lift Movement. (Squats)
  2. Single Leg Movement. (Lunges or Split Squats)
  3. Horizontal Press. (Chest Press or Pushups)
  4. Vertical Press. (Overhead Press)
  5. Horizontal Pull. (Rows, One Arm Row, Bent Over Row)
  6. Vertical Pull. (Pullups, Pulldowns)
  7. Twisting. (Woodchops, Haybailers)

Try including exercises like these into your routine on a regular basis. For most of us, 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions will do. Just remember to use enough resistance to challenge yourself!

Exercises like these incorporate multiple joints, where muscle groups work together to move a load, just the same as in everyday life!

If you need any help incorporating exercises like these into your routine let us know, we are here to help!

What to look for when joining a health club or training facility.

1. How long have they been in business? (G&M Fitness has been in business for 35 years)

2. Are the owners accessible and on site, run the business or are they absentee owners? (G&M are accessible and on site)

3. Do they offer short term memberships or one year only? (G&M offers short term)

4. Do they offer monthly payment plans or all up front only? (G&M offers payment plans)

5. Do the owners and staff have exercise/fitness experience? (G&M themselves have collectively over 50 years experience)

6. Is the facility clean, updated and looked after properly? (G&M looks after the facility properly)

7. Are the members treated fairly and with respect at all times? (G&M treats all members fairly and with respect)

8. Does the business own or rent the building? (G&M owns the building)

9. Does the business offer a “buyout” should an unfortunate and / or unavoidable situation occur that does not allow them to continue their membership? (G&M – yes)

10. Does the business “give back”? (G&M gives back)

11. Is the facility available to you 24 hours a day 365 days a year? (G&M – yes)

12. Does the business offer a trial period? (G&M – yes)

13. Does the business give initial orientations? (G&M – yes). Is it extra? (G&M – included)

14. Is the working staff accessible on the exercise floor to answer questions or are they in a remote location? (G&M staff is on the exercise floor and always available to answer questions)

15. Do you feel pressured into signing up? (G&M does not do pressure sales)

16. Do they have a good reputation in the fitness industry? (G&M – yes)

17. Do they offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee? (G&M – yes)

18. Are they in a convenient location? (G&M is located in the heart of downtown)

19. Is the facility climate controlled all year? (G&M – yes)

20. Is the facility safe and secure? (G&M – yes)