What to look for when joining a health club or training facility.

1. How long have they been in business? (G&M Fitness has been in business for 35 years)

2. Are the owners accessible and on site, run the business or are they absentee owners? (G&M are accessible and on site)

3. Do they offer short term memberships or one year only? (G&M offers short term)

4. Do they offer monthly payment plans or all up front only? (G&M offers payment plans)

5. Do the owners and staff have exercise/fitness experience? (G&M themselves have collectively over 50 years experience)

6. Is the facility clean, updated and looked after properly? (G&M looks after the facility properly)

7. Are the members treated fairly and with respect at all times? (G&M treats all members fairly and with respect)

8. Does the business own or rent the building? (G&M owns the building)

9. Does the business offer a “buyout” should an unfortunate and / or unavoidable situation occur that does not allow them to continue their membership? (G&M – yes)

10. Does the business “give back”? (G&M gives back)

11. Is the facility available to you 24 hours a day 365 days a year? (G&M – yes)

12. Does the business offer a trial period? (G&M – yes)

13. Does the business give initial orientations? (G&M – yes). Is it extra? (G&M – included)

14. Is the working staff accessible on the exercise floor to answer questions or are they in a remote location? (G&M staff is on the exercise floor and always available to answer questions)

15. Do you feel pressured into signing up? (G&M does not do pressure sales)

16. Do they have a good reputation in the fitness industry? (G&M – yes)

17. Do they offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee? (G&M – yes)

18. Are they in a convenient location? (G&M is located in the heart of downtown)

19. Is the facility climate controlled all year? (G&M – yes)

20. Is the facility safe and secure? (G&M – yes)