What NOT To Do

Rather than start the New Year off with the typical advice a personal trainer would give to his or her clients or what you would normally hear on the news in regards to what you should do or try to do to improve your physical fitness and well being in this New Year, I’m going to do the opposite, just because I hate doing what everyone else does.

Here goes. And by the way, these “DO NOTS” are scientifically proven, well researched and come from very credible and reliable sources.

  1. …over eat.
  2. …eat after 8pm.
  3. …eat burnt or blackened meat (men…..strongly linked to Prostate Cancer.)
  4. …eat animal fat (saturated fat) from conventionally raised animals.
  5. …sit on your ass all day.
  6. …microwave food in plastic containers.
  7. …microwave unless you have no other choice.
  8. …slouch when sitting.
  9. …smoke, (vaping included).
  10. …hold your cell phone to your head (use the speaker).
  11. …over train (work out too much, too often).
  12. …hold your breath while lifting weights.
  13. …deprive yourself out of a good nights’ sleep.
  14. …drink fluoridated water   
  15. …forget to control the negative when strength training
  16. …drink sodas
  17. …eat a lot of manufactured and processed foods                            and finally…don’t eat yellow snow.