What is the Point of Exercise Really?

We talk about this in our Start Right class for new members and others who are interested in getting started exercising and bettering their lives and want all of the information possible to set themselves up for success right from the start.

There was a time where we as humans physically worked, a lot. We had to to survive. Over many many years we have created smarter, more efficient ways of doing things that are either much less stressful or are completely automated and don’t require any physical effort on our part at all.

Although this is great as it makes our lives easier and allows us to do things quicker and also do things we otherwise would not ever be able to do, it’s also weakening our bodies.

It was my Dad who put it this way but I thought it’s really the best analogy of what the entire point of exercise really is and that is to simulate work.

That’s it. The entire point of exercise is to simulate the work we used to do and that our bodies were made to do. It keeps us strong, agile and maintains our independence.

Sure, there is a much deeper more scientific answer to why we need to exercise but it’s really not necessary. The simple point is that our bodies are made to work and exercise simulates that environment that most of us no longer encounter on a daily basis. And it’s true that if you don’t use it, you will lose it.

So, take advantage of all the automation, tools and gadgets you want to enhance your life and make things easier, as long as you incorporate regular exercise into your life to keep your bodies strong and fit over your lifespan and keep your body working.

Unfortunately, exercise is not an option in this day and age, it is a requirement to feel, look and perform your best.