What I Am Up To These Days

I am often asked what I do with all my spare time now that I’m retired. Here’s an abbreviated list.

So, in my retirement, now keep in mind that I babysit my three year old granddaughter on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays every week, all day, (best three days of the week for me by the way in which I plan nothing other than what to do to amuse my granddaughter),so on the remaining four days a week, I clean my house, do the laundry, prepare my meals, do the dishes, go grocery shopping, cut the three acres of grass around my house in spring summer and fall, put out the garbage, snow blow the 800 feet or so of driveway I have on my property in winter, take care of my own property maintenance, pay bills, fill vacancies in my rental units, (which includes advertising, reviewing applications, showing the property to prospective tenants, interviews, credit and background checks, move-in and move-out Rental Condition Reports, cleaning out units and doing required repairs), evict bad tenants usually via court appearances which requires extensive time and paperwork, collect rent every month from several units and do the corresponding required banking, do most of the repairs at my three other business locations, one in Port Colborne, one in St. Catharines and one in Burlington, still do some of the repairs at the club, create presentations and teach them, write articles for this newsletter, do the basic accounting and banking for the several corporations we have in place, buy real estate, sell real estate, invest, regular maintenance on my three vehicles, my riding lawn mower, my snow blower, and my push mower, take courses, read books, plan and supervise renovations like the one we just completed at the club recently, doing some of the renovations myself, pay and track utility and tax bills for multiple properties, apply for mortgages and re-finances, business meetings, never ending filing, e-mail managing, regularly planning and strategizing for future growth of our businesses, always exploring potential lucrative opportunities in business and real estate, visiting and doing things for my mom like driving her to doctors appointments, doing the repairs at her house, eating her food, etc., and watch every Monster Energy NASCAR race from February to November. Whatever time I have left is spent sleeping. So if you are wondering what I do in my spare time; the answer is…..I have no spare time.