Tyler Wright

“My fitness journey has had a lot of ups and downs. Currently to date I have lost 160Lbs. Back in 2011 I weighed in at 398Lbs. It was at that moment I knew I needed to change my life. I changed my entire way of life. I began working out 5 times a week (high reps 1 body part a day and lots of cardio) and completely changed my diet. I no longer was living to eat….I ate to live (best advice from trainer Dean Miller) I lost roughly 60 pounds myself in the first year. In 2012 I was lucky to have a friend offer to personally train me in his own home gym. That man was Dean Miller. Over the course of 2012, 2013 Dean took me and transformed my entire body. He taught me how to properly lift weights, exercise routines, build mass, burn fat and eat properly. Over those years I lost another 80lbs. Since 2011 I have achieved a number of things, that would not have been possible if I didn’t change my life. I completed 2 half marathons, ran numerous 5km races (winning 1st in my class). I got hired as a Port Colborne Volunteer Fire Fighter and a Correctional Officer. In December of 2013 I was informed my gym would be closing and I would need to find a new home…..I thought it would be hard leaving but G&M fitness changed that.

I became a member at G&M Fitness in January of 2014 after my gym was closed for good. After touring other facilities/gyms in the Port Colborne area including G&M Fitness. It took me no time to make my mind up, that G&M Fitness was for me. Matt and Gino have been great in accepting me, if it’s for advice in the gym or just a regular conversation about life. The staff and other members are great. G&M Fitness is like a second family now. G&M Fitness has been great in allowing me to continue my journey and continue to work hard everyday. I feel very fortunate to have such a great facility to be part of and to watch it grow. I speak highly about G&M Fitness to all my peers on a daily basis. Matt and Gino have worked hard to make G&M Fitness what it is today and people need to know. I’m honoured that I was chosen to be the member of the month for February 2016. Thank you Matt and Gino for recognizing the hard work. Things like this make it worth it.”