The Simulators

Ever been in a simulator? Cool aye! Just like the real thing. The objective of any simulator is to put the user in a situation and an environment that seems so real, that he or she is convinced that it is real. It’s virtual reality.

If you are a member of our club or have been in the past and you answered “no” to the opening question, then you have answered incorrectly. Why? Because our gym is nothing more than a gigantic simulator. What does it simulate you might ask. Challenging physical work. The challenging physical work that nearly none of the general public does anymore. The challenging physical work that the human body was created to do.

One might argue that if we are in such bad shape and aging quicker and becoming debilitated sooner in life than we should (and we are by the way), then why are we living longer? The answer is simple. It’s the advancement in medicine and medical procedures. It’s that simple. The medical profession is keeping us alive longer. It’s not because we are taking care of ourselves better. Nothing can be further from the truth.

That is why many years ago, exercising in a gym was considered a hobby, a sport, an extracurricular activity, an option, an elective. It was not essential. Well now it’s essential to our health and well being because of the automated society we live in.

So, we stand by our conviction that the secret to a good quality of life as you are going through your senior years or any stage in your life for that matter is effective strength training. And the sooner in life you begin, the better, although it’s never too late. Ask any senior who has been a long standing member of our establishment and they will tell you; use it or lose it. They will all agree that one of the best things they’ve ever done for themselves is join our club…..and I’m glad we can be there for them.