Stephen Jevcak

“”APRIL FOOLS!” Hi everybody. I would like to start by telling you that five years ago I would never have believed that going to a gym could change ones lifestyle and well being so dramatically. I wish I had started 30 years ago. If you knew me in the mid 80′s I started going downhill after a snowmobile crash where I basically destroyed my right leg. Then again in the 90′s while climbing down out of a transport truck when I was a driver, I slipped and destroyed my right wrist. Before I knew it I was hunched over, walked with a bad limp and probably stood about five feet tall. When I started at the gym everybody treated me like I was part of a family, from the oldest person to the youngest. Everybody gave me tips on how to use the equipment properly. Everybody always encourages you. To tell you the truth, I still find it hard to believe that I stand straight and basically walk normal again. There is just so much more I could say but I wouldn’t know where to start and when to stop. So let’s leave it at that. I appreciate everything everybody has done for me to encourage me and I hope everybody gets the same benefit from the gym as I have. Always think positive and always enjoy your workouts. Special thanks to Frank, Gino and Matt. One great family.

Thank you all for everything. P.S. Special thanks to Ed Typer. You always made me feel like a somebody.”