Sean Eden

“I started my weight loss journey April 30th, 2016. My first call was to G&M Fitness and I went down and met with Matt and Ryan and paid for my next year in full and started working out the next day. First 40 minutes a day, then 50 minutes and now just over an hour. Was it tough? You better believe it was! I remember days in the beginning that I had to bandage blisters on my hands just to workout but now working out is just part of my everyday life. I eat well and workout hard. A lot of members will look at me strange when I walk the length of the gym between sets but I do this to keep my heart rate elevated and that helps my body stay in fat burn or cardio mode. The goal I set for myself was 50lbs in 12 months. 8 months later I’m down 50lbs, 4 pant sizes and 2 t-shirt sizes. My resting heart rate is 60bpm and I have also had some good muscle gain. I feel amazing… and I’m not done. I still have weight to lose and I will do it with the support of my friends, my family and help from Gino, Matt and the staff at G&M Fitness.

I will leave you with this, if you’re going to make any goals this year, let them be to live long and be strong.”