Randy Churchill

“Being featured as a member of the month at a gym is something I never thought was for me. I was a sedentary software developer who had no interest in working out or attending a gym. Until a few years ago I had never been in a gym and in fact was intimidated by the idea, seems so silly now! The turning point for me was Aug 27, 2010 when a drunk driver on a motorcycle ran me down as a pedestrian. It was a devastating set of injuries I endured as I nearly lost my leg and received head/brain trauma that required days on life support after being airlifted to Hamilton General. I continue to suffer from all of the effects of that accident, today. After a few months of eating through a straw and more surgeries, plates, rods and orthoscopic shenanigans I was able to start physiotherapy next door at PT Health. Initially my right leg was useless and I required a rope to lasso it in order to move it like a cable crane. Spending a few months in a wheelchair with no activity had really atrophied my muscles. After the initial work to get me to the point I could walk again PT Health did research in order to find me a gym with professional credentialed staff to help me further. Randy, meet Matt and G and M Fitness!!! Mentally I am still groggy from the brain trauma and physically I was in need of much work. Matt was very patient and determined what I could do and what required the most work. As I progressed and was able to come more frequently for longer periods of time, he modified the workouts to work with my abilities. I felt so comfortable and welcome seeing Matt and the staff that it quickly became part of my routine. As I started to notice my improving body definition and as more weight started to shed my visits to the gym became something I really looked forward to. My brain still does not work as it once did and my software development career and company are no more.

However, I am confident that with a healthy and strong body I will stay healthy, as best as I can given the severity of the injuries I suffered and I would really like to continue to make efforts to recoup (if it is even possible to recoup) some of my lost abilities. I am hoping that the time I spend at G and M fitness is the route to do it! I really feel I do owe my life to Matt, Gino and the G and M fitness gang/lifestyle not to mention some fine doctors and nurses at Hamilton General and a lot of luck!”