Perry Deman

“I don’t think anyone wants to be over weight but for some reason or another some of us have to work a little harder at it. I am 55yrs old and have been over weight for many years and had tried to change my lifestyle a few times, only to reach half of my goal and get comfortable then end up reverting back to my bad eating habits and lack of exercise. In Feb./2013 I took a photo of myself and weighed in at 230 lbs. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Did not feel healthy!!!!. That was a turning point for me and I became fully committed to reaching my goal all the way this time.

My first step was to join G&M fitness there I found a friendly supportive staff. I became more educated on my eating habits when I picked up a copy of Gino’s book( Eat smart, Eat often, Eat small) his book gave me important information that I incorporated into my daily routine along with weight watchers and my wife Sharon whom is also working along side of me and has also benefited from it as well.

Within in few short months I started to see the rewards of my efforts. I had broken the 200 lb. mark losing a whopping 40 lbs. (from Feb./2013 to June/2013) I was elated!!!! I continued with my routine of exercise and eating healthy and have reached my goal of 170 lbs. in Sept./2013.

Recently I was approached by G&M and asked to write this testimonial, at first I was a little shy and was uncertain about doing it. I then realized that maybe by sharing my experience this could inspire others. There is no better feeling than being healthy and fit, well worth the effort.
Thanks again G&M Fitness for your knowledge and tools that I have learned. This will help me stay on track in the future.”