Nick & Nina Secord

“Our compliments on providing such a well equipped gym for us locals. I personally, more than Nina have traveled from one end of this country to the other and have always trained wherever I stopped, even if on vacation at great resorts. I can tell you Gino and Matt, your gym is second to none. Both Nina and I consider G&M first rate.

We have watched your gym grow over the past few years and no matter what time of day we go in to work out there are always people training. We are very happy to see women and men work out along side of each other with such ease. Must be the welcoming surroundings.

You know we are inspired by all the happy faces who we now consider as being our friends. Somehow working out seems to be easier when approached with a hello and a big smile.

Also we all must thank you for your generosity. Having our summer party, your donation done at Christmas Time for the less fortunate, and your sponsoring of the four orphan children from different third world countries from around the world. These special things show us the type of atmosphere that we enter when we go to G&M FITNESS.”