“Changing lives one member at a time. That is what G&M fitness did for me. I dealt with years of unhappiness and discomfort with my body and I was not sure what I could do about it. That is when I came across G&M Fitness’ “Fit for Life Challenge”. The program didn’t just challenge me, it changed my life!

This was not a weight loss “fad” but a real solution. The program is built in a way that offered me the practical solutions I needed to really understand how to reach and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But what really sealed my weight loss dreams was the unconditional support I received from Gino and Matt.

For me, the eight week Fit for Life Challenge involved trying to reach my goal of 15-18lbs of weight loss by incorporating resistance training into my already existing cardio endurance program. Gino and Matt spent all the time that I needed to truly understand how to use resistance training to my advantage. I quickly began to see the pounds shed and my body shrink before my eyes and am now 25lbs lighter!

I haven’t been this happy with my body, and myself, in many years and I have Gino, Matt to thank for that.”