Lee Romanovich

“Anyone that knows me knows that G&M Fitness is my home away from home. Everyday I am inspired their commitments to fitness. The Spada family has always treated me like I am family. I first met Gino in 1999 where I was fortunate enough to win first place at G&M Fitness in the Niagara Regional Bench Press Championship. When I joined G&M Fitness I was welcomed with open arms and met several people that motivated me to make the transition from powerlifting into bodybuilding. I went from 230lbs down to a lean 160lbs due to Gino’s expertise in nutrition. He taught me the ins and outs of bodybuilding so I truly owe my success to him. I also have met several great friends as they share the same passion as I do for fitness. I became a Certified Personal Trainer specialist years ago so that I could educate and assist my friends further as they have and continue to execute their goals. They all are a true group of inspiration and commitment.”