Karen Munday

“As a member of G&M Fitness for over 25 years there have been many changes, aerobic classes, location, hours and the best of all 24 hour access to this facility. With this 24 hour access you can find a time slot that best suits your needs/lifestyle, for me it is usually around 3:30am daily for 2 hours.

Why do I come in this early? Sometimes I wonder. For me I can now take my time do the exercises properly and not feel rushed. I enjoy every minute of it. Some days I have to push myself to get out of bed, but I do and I am glad I did. This makes me feel better about myself and starts the day out on a positive note.

What really got me motivated was the Fit for Life Challenge program G&M Fitness was running in 2014. I thought to myself maybe I should try this, so I did. With the guidance of Gino I was ready to start the Challenge and to this day Matt keeps me going with new challenges.

Life is about family, health and G&M Fitness. Enjoy every minute of it.”