Julie Typer

“Six years ago I moved to Port Colborne to share my life with Edd. One of my many questions for him was, “is there a decent gym to do my workouts“. He gave me a big smile as he was excited that I would be joining him at the gym and told me about G & M Fitness. He said “not only is it a great gym but it is filled with great people”. Edd was true to his word. Working out is an important part of my life because of its health benefits to both body and mind. Due to an accident at a young age I developed traumatic arthritis. Exercise helps to maintain strength in my leg and ensures that I continue to be mobile. Working out takes care of the body. It is the members at G&M Fitness that take care of the mind. It is wonderful to see how well everyone gets along with each other, they have great chats, sharing stories and laughter. The members truly are a caring group and support each other through the good times and the sad times. Gino, Matt and the rest of the staff have always been there and willing to give advice and help. Thank you for gathering members together for the Christmas Dinner and the Summer Barbeques. Eddie, thanks for introducing me to the gym and giving me so many wonderful and good friends.”