Joan Grace

“Hi fellow G&M Fitness members. I truly thought Gino and Matt had “lost it” when they named me Member of the Month. As you all know, I am no “Ms. Atlas.” However, I am a very fortunate survivor of Polio and this is the reason why I joined G&M back in the 1990′s, where Gino was operating the gym over Commisso’s Food Market. That was a workout just climbing the stairs to get to the workout rooms! Gino outlined a program suitable for me e.g. the machines I should use (and those to avoid). This program also included exercises and stretching which are very important and must be taught by a professional trainer. The seats on the bikes back then where hard. I cut the time on them pretty short!! I stayed with his program faithfully. I moved along to the present location in 2003. I am truly grateful for Gino’s professional guidance and advice given to me over many years. The muscles in my arms and legs have been strengthened and I am more mobile then I had ever hoped to be at my age. If any of you members know of a person or persons who have mobility problems, suggest to them to meet with Matt to learn what exercise is all about. It is never too late to start a program. Remember: Eat Smart, Eat Often, Eat Small. In member friendship.”