Jason Young

“When I walked into G+M Fitness, I was home.

For years I have been to gyms where all you are is a monthly payment, there was no relationship, no family feeling until I came here. The first gym I went to when I was 16 was a beat up YMCA (old school if you will), and the feeling I got there made me want to go every day and I loved it.

G+M Fitness has that old school feel with a lot of professional experience and family values. I commend both Gino and Matt for always listening and responding to their clients needs.

I am very fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to do a yearly appreciation day for Gino’s and Matt’s members and it seems like everyone is family and always looks after each other.

Just recently Matt has set up a workout program for me, which is very tough but in 11 weeks I have dropped 27 Lbs and have not felt better. These guys are inspirational, professional, courteous and treat me like family. I could not imagine being anywhere else, thank you for making me member of the month, and thank you for being there for me!!!!”