Jasmine Spada

“I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by working out 3-5 times a week and making smart choices with what kind of food I put into my body. I knew when I became pregnant that it was even more important for me, and especially the baby, that I keep up with these practices. Right away Matt put me on a modified work out that was safe for me to do. Unfortunately due to some complications, the doctor said I had to stop weight training and vigorous cardio. I was in a lot of pain and knew my body needed movement so I turned to prenatal yoga and walking, which really helped my restless legs, and I continued throughout my pregnancy. Now three months later I’m working on shedding the baby weight (21lbs so far from 30 gained), which although is taking some effort, is a lot easier since I was in shape before I got pregnant. I can’t wait to get back into G&M and see everyone that I have been missing the past few months, and Sloan can work the front desk!”