James Birkmyre

“Pictured above is our October 2016 Member of the Month, James Birkmyre. He’s been with us at G&M for many years now. We’ve been meaning to feature James for quite some time, but rarely get to see him, even though he trains regularly in our gym. The reason we don’t see him is that James has completed his training and has left the gym for work before most of us are even awake! And what does he do for work? He’s a landscaper! Hard, heavy work on most days. We had to go find him at his worksite to grab this quick picture. This is precisely why we hoped to feature him in our newsletter. We hear quite often from people we run into here and there that they are not exercising because they either don’t have the time, or they are too tired after work, or both. So in that respect, James can truly serve as an inspiration to us all. He admits himself that if he wasn’t working out regularly, his job would likely get the most of him. He’s up at 3:30am, trains at the gym, goes home and prepares for a very labour intensive full day at work, sometimes working until dark and still manages to squeeze in personal time. I admire James for his no excuses attitude and his great work ethic….and he’s also a heck of a nice guy too! So the next time you think that perhaps you are too tired to exercise, maybe exercise is precisely what you need to get your energy back! Just ask James!”