Frank Pilote

“I’ve been a member of G&M Fitness for about 25 years now. I first joined back in 1990 or so while still an employee of INCO and primarily because of a back issue. I remember after I joined, I was working out in the gym which was at that time in the Commisso’s Mall on West Side Road, and Gino approached me and asked if he could help me with my exercises. 25 years later, deep into my retirement, Gino and his son Matt are still helping me whenever I ask. They have both been extremely instructive for me through the years and I like that because I want to do it right. The people in the gym are very friendly. Everyone knows each other by name, including the staff, and the gym is very roomy and has all of the equipment I need to do a proper workout. I feel really great after a workout and feel that I am much better off now for having kept up my workouts through all these years.”