Eric and Bobbi Vickers

Eric and Bobbi both got into working out and lifting weights around the same time about seven and a half years ago and have been working out together even since. Bobbi got started into it after graduating from the paramedic program and wanted to get stronger to be able to get a job in the field. Eric had been active as a kid and worked out in high school but had got out of it to focus on his career.

Once they got back into working out, they both admitted that they really didn’t know what to do or how to achieve the goals they wanted but just worked hard.

Then they met a couple of people, Zach and Chad, who helped them with their workouts and started to teach them and help them learn more about fitness and working out.

Back then Eric only weighed 123lbs. Today he is about 80lbs heavier, in a good way of course, gaining all kinds of muscle and strength.

Bobbi’s motivation to get stronger came from hearing over and over that she would never be hired as a paramedic. That she was too small and not strong enough and to find another career path. With that motivation she worked at building her strength and not only was hired as a paramedic but is one of the strongest women in the field!

After working out for a little while they moved gyms to G&M Fitness which in their words said was a better facility for them with better hours and great like-minded people. They both fell in love with bodybuilding when they came to G&M.

For both of them the gym is just part of their lifestyle.

Eric says he thinks about his workout at work before he comes to the gym.

“I already know what exercises I am going to do, how many sets and how much weight I am going to lift before I even get to the gym. It’s my favourite part of my day.”

In Bobbi’s line of work, she sees a lot of the bad side of not having good health which is another motivator that keeps her going to be the best she can be.

And with Eric’s job he seen a lot of people with bad health habits and knew right away that he wanted a different path then what he saw in his co-workers.

Their path hasn’t been without its challenges either. Back in 2016 Eric had a serious health issue that seen him hospitalized and on bed rest for several weeks and lost a lot of strength in his legs among other things. That didn’t stop him though as today he can easily squat over 400lbs.

Even just recently Bobbi had broken her hand and couldn’t lift weights but that didn’t stop her from coming. She modified her workouts to do what she could and took up running just to stay at it.

They both said they couldn’t imagine not coming to the gym anymore.

“It’s a social thing for us too” they both said. “Our friends come here and we have met a lot of other great people. Everyone is very supportive. It makes us happy.”

Bobbi has had other women ask her about becoming a paramedic and always tells them, “You can absolutely do it! Don’t give up!” She also gets a lot of women saying to her that she must do a ton of cardio to maintain her physique which isn’t the case. “I lift weights and I eat!”

They also both agree that for the most part they eat well but that they allow themselves to eat foods that they love too. They are not afraid to have pizza and wings once and a while.

Their advice for others just starting out or thinking about getting started is to not be intimidated and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Eric says “We all have to support each other. We are all here for the same reason, to better ourselves.”

They also say results take time, to not get discouraged and stay with it. Set attainable goals for the short term, medium term and long term and to train hard!