Dino Berardocco

“I grew up in Welland. At the age of 16, I began working out. My mom would drop me off at the gym in the early evenings and pick me up at 9, until I began to drive myself. At first, I felt uncomfortable because I was intimidated by a lot of the people that were much bigger than me, but I got past that as time went on. I enjoyed how lifting weights and doing cardio made me feel. I learned a lot over the years from many people, along with reading and trying new things on my own.

In 2000, I got married and my wife and I moved to Port Colborne. I needed to find a gym that would carry on what I had done since I was 16. I found G and M Fitness and haven’t looked back. I have made many friends since joining, some of them becoming very close friends.

I enjoy working out for an hour, 5 days a week during my lunch hour. I have no excuse not to go. Some days I feel like many that just don’t feel like it, but once I’m finished and go back to work, I feel fantastic!

I want to say thank you to Gino, Matt and their staff, for providing a facility that is not only convenient for me, but has everything that is needed to have a great workout. I appreciate the advice and help over the years. I look forward continuing the journey that started over 24 years ago for me.”