Dick Lambert

“I joined G&M Fitness way back when it was up above the Canadian Tire store and that’s more years ago than I care to remember! It was a bonus move to the new facility on King Street, providing even more pieces of equipment and more spacious workout areas, plus, now they have 24 hour access. What more could you ask for? I love starting my day with a refreshing workout, as it kind of sets the tone for the day. However, there are some days when I just don’t have it and only give it half-heartedly, but at least I’m there trying. I’ve seen first-hand the transformation of a few individuals and how the gym has indeed benefited them. Or, like us old guys, we continue to try and maintain the shape we are in! There is a great group of people that show up around six or seven in the morning, which is when I am there and the comradely and joking around makes the workout that much more fun. Also, you can get a spot or advice on different techniques from them. I think it is great that G&M is providing an opportunity for the whole community to better themselves and I am pleased that I have been taking advantage of it for so many years. I feel better, eat healthier, most of the time, and hopefully look better. All in all, it is a great facility, operated by a couple of superb guys. Thanks Gino and Matt!”