Debbie Wilgosh

“I have been associated with the G&M family for years. Gino and Matt are the owners of the gym. I also used to do aerobics with the M(Maria) because we used to do aerobics with the teacher (Vince Pascuzzi and his wife Diane). One day Vince asked Maria and myself if we could teach a class, because he wasn’t going to be there,and so we did and had fun doing it for him. The years have passed and I hardly ever see her, but when I do see her we have a nice chat together. My life here at G&M has been slow but steady until just these past few months it finally hit me. I have finally came and conquered the bridge which has always not let me cross over. Gino and Matt are extremely helpful when they are asked anything to about what to do at the gym. I’ll have total confidence in both of them forever. Real friendships aren’t forged over night and over the years and at this point in my life I truly feel part of the G&M family and friends. Thank you and see you soon!”