David Nixon

“I joined G&M Fitness 6 months ago after realizing it was time for a lifestyle change. As a sign of my commitment I decided to sign up for a year membership. I bought Gino’s book – S.O.S and started to change my diet. Things were going well – no one was more surprised than me to be going to the gym on Christmas Day and even New Years Day. I was proud of having a perfect attendance record. Thanks to G&M for your 24 hour access – it means there is no excuse.
On Friday, February 13th I fell and broke my right shoulder and completely tore the rotator cuff. Still determined, I stopped working out but continued a cardio program running on the elliptical machine with my arm in a sling. That’s when I realized what a community it is here at G&M. People had always been friendly before, but I really appreciated their thoughtfulness in asking me regularly about my recovery. I did have to take 23 days off after my surgery (there goes the perfect attendance record) but as soon as the staples came out, I was back.
With advice from my surgeon and my physiotherapist I started on a program that included cable machines and light weights. Gino approached me one day and showed me some exercises to specifically target my rotator cuff muscles. Throughout my recovery, my physiotherapist has been very impressed with my progress and I credit that to my changed lifestyle which started here at G&M Fitness 6 months ago.
To date I have lost 60 pounds – while I feel a lot better and far more fit and flexible – my lifestyle journey has just begun.“