Temporary Expanded Staffed Hours:

Monday-Friday 6:00AM – 10:00PM

Saturday 8:00AM – 6:00PM

Sunday 9:00AM – 4:00PM

24/7 Access for members is still active.

Mandatory Face Covering:

You must wear a face covering while entering/exiting, and moving throughout the building. It may be removed while actively engaging in an exercise.

When arriving:

Sanitize your hands with the provided sanitizer in the hallway.

All members must check in at the front desk, not only to ensure membership status, but also for contact tracing purposes if it were necessary.

Pick up personal sanitizer bottle from beside the front desk. Use it to spray and wipe everything you touch (machines, dumbbells, barbells, clips, plates, pins, handles, etc.) Drop it off on opposite table when leaving.

Change rooms, washrooms, and lockers are accessible, however we do encourage you to come prepared to workout if possible. Showers and saunas are off limits.

While You Are Here:

Maintain social distancing. Work out on the marked X’s if using that space (stretching areas, benches along dumbbell rack.) You may swap the benches around, but they must all be on an X.

Some machines are off limits, clearly marked with caution tape.

Water fountains are off limits.

If a particular set of cardio machines are all in use and there are others waiting, please limit your time to 30 minutes.

No partner workouts, sharing machines or equipment (unless you live together), super sets, or just tying up multiple machines at a time.

If you are spotting someone, you must both wear a mask (unless you are already working out together because you live together.)

If you don’t want to come back just yet:

We understand that some people will be cautious and want to wait and see how things play out before coming back regularly, and that’s perfectly fine! Better safe than sorry! If you would like us to put your account on hold, we can do that. Just come in, give us a call or text, or write us an email, and we will freeze your account until either you are comfortable to come back, or restrictions have been lifted, whichever comes first.