Clyde Sherk & Loma Doan

“It’s been twenty two years since Loma and brother Clyde walked into our club and joined us, and they are still going strong at 90 (Clyde) and 86 (Loma). They’ve joined us every winter since then and enjoy the summer months outdoors, biking and walking. We couldn’t be more proud to have them as our Members of the Month for April of 2016. Both siblings have had hip replacements with no issues and Clyde has gone through a triple bypass doing his post surgery rehabilitation with us at our club. They’ve both read the “Eat Smart, Eat Often, Eat Small” book authored by owner Gino Spada and try to incorporate those principles of eating whenever they can. Congratulations Clyde and Loma for being one of the best examples of why we do what we do. “One of the attractions to G&M Fitness is, of course, the owners, Gino and Matt. Their attention to detail, their willing response to the individual member’s needs, and their love of what they are doing, make them who they are: topflight. We believe that our regular use of their well-equipped facility helps in our old age to keep us somewhat agile and supple and keeps us going. Of course, we must also thank the Good Lord for His part in this!! Beyond all this, it is the satisfaction that we have in knowing that a portion of our membership fees are given to support needy children in countries not as blessed as we are. Well done.”