Chris Laplante

“I remember the first time I walked into G&M Fitness 16 years ago. I was a 23 year old, 175lb kid who had a dream of becoming a Professional Wrestler. G&M Fitness used to be located behind the Port Colborne Mall, nicknamed the “sweatbox”. Gino Spada taught me how to workout by giving me various routines to help me gain weight and size over the years. My wrestling career lasted for 15 years. I had great success and it all started when I walked into the G&M Fitness doors for the first time.

Gino and Matt have made the gym grow over the years as the old Sears building is G&M Fitness’ new home. The increase in space, newer and more equipment are top notch, as well as operating 24 hours a day. NO EXCUSES not to go. As I turn 40 in November I am now training for the next phase in my life. Thank you Matt and Gino for 16 great years. I look forward to the next 16.”