Carol Demrah

“I joined G&M Fitness back when the health club was upstairs in the Commisso’s mall. At that time Gino’s sister Maria and his wife Cheryl were teaching aerobic and toning classes. What great fun we had trying to coordinate our limbs as well as follow instructions and move to the beat of the music. The ladies were innovative in keeping the classes challenging and most of all fun, inspiring us to keep attending. In years to follow my daughters Chris and Sheryl became certified instructors and taught at G&M Fitness.

A few years have gone by since those days and I no longer can bounce around like I used to. I now concentrate on weight training to maintain muscle strength, balance, flexibility and bone density. The atmosphere as you enter the club is warm and friendly, one of camaraderie. There have been a lot of improvements in the new location of the health club. With two floors of equipment there is seldom a wait time to use equipment, more floor space for stretching and floor workouts, and a room upstairs where you can practice your own individual form of training. The 24 hour access is by far the most valuable improvement to date.

I enjoy going to the health club regularly because it makes me feel good inside and out. Being able to zone out for a couple of hours is uplifting and energizing. Thank you Gino, Matt and staff for all your years of dedication and service in providing me an escape where I can groove to my music and regenerate body, mind and spirit. Stay fit, healthy and happy.”