The “Spill Over” Effect of Exercise in Your Life

When most of us think about the many benefits of regular exercise in our life we usually think of losing weight, getting stronger, or having better stamina, but they are typically some type of physical benefits.

Achieving these types of outcomes feels great. It changes how you look, how you feel and how you perform, and with that comes a huge increase in your confidence.

This confidence “spills over” into other areas of your life, into your work and your relationships. We hear it all of the time. Things like how losing weight gave them the confidence to get back into a dress they used to wear when they were in college, or getting stronger made them feel more confident in themselves to take a trip of a lifetime mountain climbing, or that they are a better husband, wife, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother because they are happier with themselves.

These kinds of benefits are priceless. This is what we mean when we say we want to help members achieve a superior quality of life. We are not only thinking of the physical benefits, but all of the other benefits that spill over into your everyday life as well.

Another example is how regular exercise creates discipline. Taking care of yourself, eating healthier, going to the gym, that all takes discipline. Again, becoming more disciplined will carry over and positively impact other areas in your life.

Whether you know it or not, building regular exercise into your life is helping you in more ways then is normally thought about. It not only has the power to change your physical appearance and abilities, but also who you are and how you live your life.

8 Biggest Strength Training Mistakes

I wanna help!

A while ago, I presented a free seminar for our members titled “The Eight Biggest Mistakes in Strength Training, Body Building and Power Lifting”.

I put this presentation together simply because pretty much every time I walk through the gym, I see training mistakes being made. Whether it be the lack of focus, overtraining, bad form, whatever, it kills me to see it and I want to do something about it. So I put together and presented the free seminar.

Unfortunately, the ones I see making most of the mistakes are the ones that didn’t show up! Typically, it’s the younger crowd making these mistakes. What’s more unfortunate is that the younger crowd has the enthusiasm and the discipline, but lack the expertise and experience. So, in hopes that some of them actually read our newsletters, here is the list of the eight most common mistakes that are made.

There simply isn’t enough room here to elaborate on them, so in the case that you would like a more detailed explanation of one or more of these mistakes and how to remedy them, reach out to us. Actually, I would love to offer this seminar again in the future if there is enough interest. I will count down the eight starting with the least important to what I believe is the most important and the most common mistake. Here they are:

 No. 8: Lack of Focus (turn off the phone, put the magazine away and stop socializing)

No. 7: Partners (can be good, can be bad)

No. 6: Poor Programme Design (order of exercises is very important)

No. 5: Redundant Exercises (stop wasting time and energy, learn how to choose exercises)

No. 4: Useless Exercises (stop doing exercises that won’t help get you to your goal)

No. 3: Improper Form (learn proper form or pay the consequences…..lack of gains)

No. 2: Overtraining (gains are actually made when resting)

No. 1: Not Doing the Negative Contraction (if you don’t know what a negative contraction is, and what it will do for you, I would highly suggest you find out!)
So there you have it in a nutshell. Avoid these mistakes and you are on your way to more, better and quicker results than you ever thought possible.

Good luck,

Manage your priorities, not your time.

No time. After all of these years running this health club, trying to figure out why more people don’t exercise regularly, we have finally concluded by researching, surveying, asking, listening, etc., that the number one reason people give for not exercising regularly is lack of time.

Well, the fact of the matter is that we all have the same amount of time. It’s what you do with that time that’s important. It’s not a matter of time management; it’s a matter of priority management

Get that straight.

Most likely, if you have a good look at your daily activities besides the ones you have to do, (like going to work), you probably have several hours a day to choose your activities. Some days, let’s face it, you actually don’t have any spare time, but likely some days you do. You have to ask yourself, what’s most important to you?

Watching a movie, going shopping, playing video games, searching the web, having lunch with friends, or maybe doing something to ensure you sustain good health as you age!

Well, here’s the good news, which most people don’t realize. You only need a few hours a week! I’d say three to four hours a week, that’s it. If you come to our gym three times a week, no more, but you do what we show you and you do it consistently, you will achieve the physical results that you want, we guarantee it.

So, can you find three hours in your busy week to ensure your good health? I think most can. Can you find something that you do three times a week that’s not as important as your good health? I think most can.

So, what’s your excuse now?

In my humble opinion, lack of time is no excuse, because simply put, you don’t have any less time than anyone else.


Thinking of Taking the Summer Off? Think Again!

At this time of year, we hear this from a lot of members: “see you in the fall, I will be working outside all summer”. Then in the fall we hear this from the same members: “why does it feel like I am starting all over again?”

It’s pretty common to take the summer off from the gym because we feel like we are being more active outdoors, which is great. But there is a big difference between “being active” and strength training.

Being active golfing, fishing, gardening, cutting the grass, walking, biking is all encouraged, getting more activity is great for all of us, but it doesn’t come close to what strength training does for you.

In strength training you are using an amount of resistance that challenges you to complete a set, that challenge on your muscles breaks them down and then your body rebuilds your muscle stronger. That process only occurs when you have enough resistance. A golf club is not enough resistance to keep or build strength, neither is pedaling a bike.

So, when you take the summer off and come back in the fall and it feels like you are starting over, it’s because you are. It only takes a couple weeks off of training for the effects of detraining to occur. Studies show these effects beginning with as little as one week off and noticeably getting worse after just 2 weeks off. The longer you go without that stimulus to the muscle, the more strength you will lose. One study showed 3 months worth of strength training gains was completely wiped out after 1 month of no strength training!

So here is what we would recommend. There is no doubt summer is a busier time and getting workouts in may be more challenging, especially when it’s so nice outside. We encourage getting out more and being active. But if you are serious about this health and fitness thing, find a way to get 2 full body strength training workouts in each week. Just a quick warm up and 8 or so exercises focusing on the major movements and you are in and out in 45 minutes or less. At twice a week that’s just an hour and a half a week to maintain (and even increase) your muscle and strength through the summer.

You will feel, look and perform better all summer long and come fall you won’t feel like you are starting over any more! Not to mention that you will also stay in the routine of going to the gym because let’s face it, once you take 2 or 3 months off, it becomes very difficult to get back on track again.

Your Membership Dollars At Work

Your membership dollars gets you more than just a membership, it empowers us.

Yup, you walk in, sign up at the front desk, pay us and you are on your way. Easy breezy. Well, not quite. Here’s what those membership dollars do while you are getting in or staying in the best shape of your life. Your membership dollars:

1. Help pay the bills. After all, this is a business.

2. Help to sponsor an additional orphan child from a third world country each and every year. We are now up to seven.

3. Help us to provide a local family in need at Christmas time with a substantial gift of grocery dollars and gifts for their children.

4. Help to provide our members with a Summer Family Barbeque with food, drinks and fun.

5. Help to provide our members with free monthly seminars like the “Start Right” class, the “Strength Training with Machines” class, the “Strength Training with Free Weights” class, the “Nutrition” class, the new “Stretching” class coming soon, and our guest speaker series coming soon also. All for you… charge.

6. Help to provide and maintain the 24 hour access system for your convenience.

7. Help us continue to provide our members with a top notch health club and the opportunity to continue to look for more ways to improve our services and our facility like our recent renovations and our defibrillator.

We truly want all of our members to be proud members. Not only proud of themselves for choosing to exercise regularly and take care of themselves, but also to be proud of us as owners for what we do with your membership dollars on your behalf.

Thank you for being a member of our club.