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Stephen Jevcak

“”APRIL FOOLS!” Hi everybody. I would like to start by telling you that five years ago I would never have believed that going to a gym could change ones lifestyle and well being so dramatically. I wish I had started 30 years ago. If you knew me in the mid 80′s I started going downhill […]


Carol Demrah

“I joined G&M Fitness back when the health club was upstairs in the Commisso’s mall. At that time Gino’s sister Maria and his wife Cheryl were teaching aerobic and toning classes. What great fun we had trying to coordinate our limbs as well as follow instructions and move to the beat of the music. The […]


Kathy Dionne

“On Sunday afternoon I was thinking about what to say and how to say it for this particular article. At the time it seemed like a daunting task. Finally, I just started to write down words and feelings that I associated with my time and experiences at G&M Fitness. I knew, or at least I […]


Bob Sutherland

“I am pleased to announce that my journey is about to change. In a few months I will be entering my retirement years! Can’t wait. Some twenty years ago or so I went behind Canadian Tire on highway 58 to check out G&M Fitness, met Gino for the first time and he has been helping […]


Russ Albano

“I remember the days when I first started G&M. My first workout was at the highway 58 plaza above Commisso’s Grocery Store. I look back and see how far the gym has come with great staff and great people. The gym has become filled with different age groups and everyone is at different stages and […]


Art Weaver

“Ten years ago I was given a gift membership for G&M. My only goal was to see if I could stick it out for one whole year. Well here I am 10 years later and still going strong at age 60. I’ve competed in a few competitions and won a few awards. I am with […]


Dana Audet

“Thank you G&M Fitness for all your eating plans and guidance. Thanks to you I have lost over 80 pounds and am now preparing to compete in bodybuilding.”


Lee Romanovich

“Anyone that knows me knows that G&M Fitness is my home away from home. Everyday I am inspired their commitments to fitness. The Spada family has always treated me like I am family. I first met Gino in 1999 where I was fortunate enough to win first place at G&M Fitness in the Niagara Regional […]


Angelo Aliberti

“When Gino decided to open his own Health Club, G&M Fitness almost 30 years ago, I did not hesitate to sign up as one of his first members. I was impressed with his commitment to fitness, which was an inspiration and motivation to me after being a witness to his dedication while working out together […]



“Changing lives one member at a time. That is what G&M fitness did for me. I dealt with years of unhappiness and discomfort with my body and I was not sure what I could do about it. That is when I came across G&M Fitness’ “Fit for Life Challenge”. The program didn’t just challenge me, […]